Work of Remembering Installation

The installation that concluded my Southern Studies Fellowship featured 7 fabric forms. These forms were made of rattan, house paint, yarn, hula hoops, floral foam, and used bedsheets sourced from Haven of Rest Thrift Store in Honea Path SC, located just down the street from the former Chiquola Mill.

On September 6th, 1934 the superintendent of Chiquola Mill, Dan Beachman, directed strikebreakers to shoot into the crowd of striking workers taking part in the Uprising of ’34. 30 strikers were injured and 7 died, Claude Cannon, Lee Crawford, Ira Davis, E.M. Bill Knight, Maxie Paterson, C.R. Rucker, and Thomas Yarborough.

Besides being the superintendent, Beacham was Honea Path’s mayor and magistrate. Justice never came for the victims and the silence resulting from this massacre has been inherited. I dedicated my fellowship work to these martyrs.