What If We Remembered

2020. Steel Cube-6ft x 6ft x 6ft, Projected Image 9ft x 18ft.
Materials: Steel Square Tubing, Used bed sheets.
Projection Film: Layered stop motion and video.

Lapwork and time travel.

I am an object maker and visual communicator. I view my work as love letters to the south, the kind of love that is truth telling and attempts to hold the complexities embedded in a place built on extraction and resistance. The objects and place specific installation I create rely on used domestic materials, the coupling formalism with deskilling craft, the transformation of material through repetitive labor, and a flirtation with absurdity. Cutting used bed sheets into yarn, turning old books into roses, my test for these questions is in using regional craft traditions, like crochet, as a vehicle for time travel.

If time exists as a string, a thread, can I force different points in time to connect through pulling crochet knots? Can I have a conversation through this action with my material that both reaches backward and forward in time? Traveling backwards to the past to communicate the history of craft as a necessity. Traveling forward to the future to construct an image of what is possible. How does the layering of these contradictions, these collective moments of moral failure and phenomenal struggle and solidarity, change our understanding of ourselves, our history and our capacity for justice? What happens when we remember that, in the future as well as in the past, we have won?

What If We Remebered – Sculpture – Mo Kessler