Mo is a visual artist currently studying in the MFA program at Western Carolina University. They grew up in Louisville Kentucky, and are heavily influenced by bluegrass, bourbon and Appalachian culture and values.

Mo Kessler, Appalachian Artist

In 2007, Mo receiving a BFA in Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Afterwards Mo worked as a gallery curator in Asheville NC, helped opened and run an experimental multi-artist studio in Richmond KY, co founded an anti-police brutality youth/student group, and taught consent based sexual health education to over 200 young people.

They were founding board members of the Renaissance Community Cooperative and the Central Carolina Worker Justice Center. They currently serve as on the board of the Beloved Community Center.

When not in their studio or at a community meeting, Mo spends time drinking too much coffee, hanging out with their pets, and exploring Appalachia’s past and imagining its’ future.